Peer Challenge

The nine East Midlands councils commit to a regional scheme of peer challenge to support improvement.

Two main review processes are used:

Peer Challenge Team Reviews (PCTRs)

PCTRs are led by a Director of Childrens Services and generally include a team of around 5 colleagues including a mixture of Assistant Directors, Senior Managers, Lead Members, LSCB Chairs and others, selected according to the review theme. These reviews last for three days in the receiving local authority.

Safeguarding Assurance Visits (SAVs)

SAVs are led by a Safeguarding Director and use a case file audit approach to investigate social care frontdoor arrangements, threshold standards, quality assurance or a related improvement theme. SAV team members are generally social work managers and auditors. These reviews usually last for one day, with extensions made for special circumstances.

SEND Peer Challenge

A SEND focused Peer Challenge scheme. This involves a two day visit to look at two agreed  key lines of enquiry.  A Lead Reviewer and a small team provide challenge to not only the LA but key strategic partners of CCGs, health providers and Parent Carer Forums. The team is drawn from a pool of reviewers from across the East Midlands, West Midlands and Eastern region.  

Pool of Reviewers

Team members for PCTRs and SAVs are selected from a regional pool of Assistant Directors, Senior Managers and other key individuals. For further information about the pool or to enquire about forthcoming training, please contact