Peer Challenge in the East Midlands

Peer Challenge is a long-established part of our regional approach to sector-led improvement. The ten local authorities (LA) have created a culture, expertise and expectation that we will work together in open partnership to challenge and support each other to achieve the best possible outcomes for children, young people and families. Experience has proved there to be significant value in the approach, not just for the LAs receiving challenge, but in the learning and development for the challenging partners.

Annual Peer Challenge

Every year each LA completes and submits a self-assessment of their children’s services. These are then scrutinised by their peers and triangulated against performance and inspection outcomes. Currently working in triad groupings, the senior teams of all LAs then undertake peer challenge visits. In addition, the region has schemes and processes for thematic peer challenge, e.g. Safeguarding Assurance Visits that can also be used to support regional improvement.

SEND Peer Challenge

The region has also worked for several years to provide specific support for the implementation of SEND reform through peer challenge, working at times with other regions. The scheme was paused due to Covid and will start again in Autumn 2021.  The scheme has been revised to allow for a virtual model and will continue to contribute to the improvement of SEND outcomes and address regional SEND priorities for all ten LA areas.

Further information about the scheme

To find out more detailed information, please download the guidance document below. Once you have read the guidance and feel you would like to be part of SEND Peer Challenge, please follow the application process outlined below.

SEND Peer Challenge Pool – application process and training request

SEND Peer Challenge is delivered by mixed teams drawn from a regional pool of professionals, parents, carers and young  ambassadors. Teams are constituted to match the requirements of each peer challenge from a Pool of Reviewers. If you would like to be included in this Pool of reviewers, please complete the form as indicated below.

  •  If training is not required. Please read the guidance information (above) and complete the online form. Upon completion, your details will be logged into the Pool. Contact will be made when opportunities to be part of a SEND Peer Challenge team arise.
  • If training is required. Please indicate that you would like to receive training. We do not have further sessions planned at the moment.  As demand dictates, we will arrange further sessions and get in touch with you.  Please complete the online form.

If you have any other queries regarding SEND Peer Challenge, please email