Personal Profile for SEND Peer Challenge Pool application and training request

SEND Peer Challenge is delivered by mixed teams drawn from a regional pool of professionals, parents, carers and young  ambassadors. Teams are constituted to match the requirements of each peer challenge from a Pool of Reviewers. If you would like to be included in this Pool of reviewers, please complete the form.

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    Preparation for SEND Peer Challenge

    There is a short, free, virtual training session available which will cover key aspects of the East Midlands SEND Peer Challenge process.

    Your role within SEND Peer Challenge

    East Midland Priorities and Key Lines of Enquiry

    There are currently five dominant priorities for the East Midlands region:

    i. Managing SEND finances (High Needs Block, commissioning places, etc.)
    ii. Increasing the proportion of SEND children having a successful school placement near home, both through more mainstream SEND inclusion and the smarter management of total provision.
    iii. Creating and implementing a graduated response.
    iv. Working effectively with partners, especially health and family-facing activity (e.g. Parent Carer forums, SENDIASS, tribunals) to ensure that processes are 'in balance' and working effectively to meet needs.
    v. The quality assurance of Education and Health Care Plans (EHCP) educational outcomes and preparation for adulthood (PfA)

    Can you please tick if you feel you have any specific experience to contribute to these areas as part of a review team (please tick as many as are relevant):

    Any additional information

    As we work to create mixed, balanced teams to meet the focus areas within each SEND Peer Challenge, it is sometimes useful to know a little more about potential team members. Please use this final section to share any other relevant information that may be useful, e.g. career, other experience.